Blackfrost Ashe Sketch Concept

"The Freljord will bow to me, else it shall shatter beneath my heel.”

The noble and benevolent Queen Ashe once guided the people of the Freljord with a firm yet gentle hand. The course of history was forever changed, however, when her once warm and passionate heart was corrupted by the icy touch of the Frozen Watchers. Now her armies sweep across the tundra like the blizzard wind, seeking to swell the forces of her Iceborn horde that all of Runeterra might someday feel the Watchers’ wrath.

Hey everyone! Took some time yesterday to throw together a quick Blackfrost Ashe concept! Inspired by a dream I had the other night where I was playing Support Liss to a Blackfrost Ashe in an all Freljord team while Ice seeped out of our Nexus and slowly froze the entire map! This one came together pretty quickly so I didn't come up with many design variations but I'd like to revisit it and polish it up a bit sometime soon. Let me know what you guys think!

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Thomas randby blackfrostashefinal