Nasira, Viper of the Sands

Character concept, an original champion for League of Legends!

Born in the small settlement of Mu’raat just south of Central Shurima, Nasira lived her life amidst the sand-drowned ruins of her people’s past. Though she grew up told to ignore the remnants of the old ways, she constantly marveled at the mystery and intrigue of the forgotten glory of the Shuriman empire. When she grew older, she ran away from home to make her own way, and eventually found herself under the command of the warlord Iha Ziharo. Though Nasira began as little more than a hired grunt, she worked her way up the ranks and into Iha’s good graces. This proved too little to slate her thirst for power, and despite her good fortune she coveted a higher position in the tribe of warriors. She’d worked beside Sivir for many years, and when the time arose for Sivir to usurp Iha, Nasira was the first to urge her on. Nasira called for Iha’s death at the end of the mutiny, but Sivir allowed her to die in the desert instead

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